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UPDATE - October 2016


A pretty good year for riding overall.
Despite another hand surgery in May, I recovered quickly and spent a lot of time on the bike. One of the highlights was the Okanagan Trestles Tour in BC. A gorgeous 80KM ride that the whole family enjoyed.

I've spent a lot of time exploring the local environs, gradually spreading out from home. The latest of the very enjoyable are the trails and bike paths in Oakville centering on Joshua Creek and Morrisson Creek. There not terribly difficult trails but are they ever scenic.

Part of the reason for lots of riding time is that I'm now retired from Humber College. The timing just seemed right for a lot of reasons.

To the bad, my father Nick passed away in September. I miss him a lot. I don't think he ever understood my fixation with cycling but he didn't discourage it either. He provided me with an ample supply of bikes when I was kid. He truly sowed the seeds of this addiction. Thanks Pop. I'll never forget you.


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