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Happy New Year

The mild weather has continued which suits me just fine. The trails have even dried out a bit. I got out on Jan 4 for the first ride of 2019. There was a bit of snow and it was still frozen when I started. Unfortunately it softened up by the time I was back close to home. A good ride in sunshine!

The loyal fat bike needed a serious wash when I got back home. Urban riding in Mississauga doesn't give you endless KM of trail. You get trail and then either road or paved bike path leading to the next trail. The city has done its best to coat anything paved
in salt. Besides the impact on bikes it must be a crazy impact on the environment. If you don't clean your bike right away the salt does serious amounts of corrosion to anything aluminum on the bike. Still, a joy to
be out riding in January.

See you on the trails!

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