UPDATE - January 2016

Still Kicking

I realized that I haven't updated this website since May of 2015. As I haven't been doing events for a few years now it doesn't make a lot of sense to update things here all that often.

After a great summer of riding I had yet another hand surgery in August '15. This one was really bad. Lots of time off the bike and still lingering pain and numbness. I am riding again but I realize I now ride not to fall. The rough trails that I've loved for so long are going to have to wait for quite a while yet.

The summer though had much memorable riding. We had our major holiday driving around Lake Superior. Of course we had our bikes with us. We rode trails in Duluth, Minnesota (awesome single track but brutally hot), Chequamgon, Wisconsin (not as good as legend has placed it) and Copper Harbor, Michigan. Copper Harbor is flat out amazing. Over 32 miles of single track expertly carved into rocky ridges. Something there for every one. This is a must go to place again. It was that good.

I'm not sure what the near future will bring but it will include riding. I haven't minded the mild winter that we've been having at all. Hope to see you on the trails somewhere. Mike


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