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Once again the weather is an issue for riding. I'm still waiting for that perfect snowy day for a fat bike ride. In the photo to the left I had to settle for a touch of wet snow and a fair amount of mud. Not the most pleasant day but nothing coming from the sky so pretty good to be doing a 45Km on a fat bike in January.

Then it got cold. Then it got warm and some torrential rain. Just bizarre overall. On my rides I'm seeing tons of robins. It looks like a lot of them don't even bother to migrate any more. That sort of sums up the climate around here in recent years.

Out on the winter beater bike with fenders. Not much trail riding unless it is below freezing. I've already had rides where I start out on hard frozen ground and then it turns to goo by late morning. Its almost enough to turn me into a roadie again.


Magnetawan ride, on a long semi-abandoned pioneer road called "Plum Tree Road". Real wilderness.
20 minute video on YouTube


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