UPDATE - September 2, 2013

Hi There!

Yes, still alive. Haven't done an
update here since the end of May.
Now that we're retired from
events it isn't that critical but we
know our friends check our site
once in awhile. A busy and relaxing summer though. Many rides in Ontario, riding in Maine and Nova Scotia and even a night ride here and there.
It's been good.


A couple of cancellations to note.

Our friends in Leamington aren't
holding the 8 Creekin' Hours race.
They have been hammered by
floods thanks to repeated
thunderstorms so they are
busy rebuilding bridges. In the end
more important to do that than
try to run the race. We'll see you
there next year.

No Spooks 'n Spokes this year
either. In case you didn't know
Karen from Spokes 'N Slopes lost
her brave battle with cancer in early
August. Matt and the crew at
the store need to focus their
attention elsewhere. Next year?
Too early to tell. More than anything
our sympathy to them all.

Next Up

Tour de Mississauga on Sept. 15.
60KM fun ride with a BBQ at the
end. It's free too!


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