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Where to Ride in Ontario!

Mansfield Outdoor Centre
Our favourite spot for Southern Ontario mountain biking. We held many of our events at Mansfield.

Dufferin County Forest
Information on our favourite place for a long, long ride. Also other forest tracts in the county.

Conservation Halton
Conservation Halton manages two of our favourite places to ride - Kelso and Hilton Falls. Don't think of them just for riding. They have all sorts of events and activities going on all year for the whole family.

Mountain Biking On The Web - On-line Bike Stuff

Canadian Cyclist
The best source for all the latest news about bicycling in Canada. Daily News, Forums, Classified Ads and links to all sorts of cycling sites.

My Next Race

Lots of stuff for runners, but lots of cycling and adventure racing links as well. Worth checking out especially since they have links for activities all over North America.

Get Out There Magazine
The name says it all. A magazine for cyclists, adventure racers and outdoor enthusiasts. It has a great calendar listing events in the GTA. Check it out at your local newstand.

Mountain Biking in Ontario

Middle-Aged Mountain Bikers of Ontario. The club we belong to. Riding. Beer. And More.

International Mountain Bike Association - now up and running in Ontario. Known around the world. Our close friends Mark & Lora are IMBA's leaders here in Canada. W.O.W. is proud to be a corporate sponsor of IMBA Canada.

The Good Life

Dark City Coffee
The household has been interested in good coffee for a long time. One cup a day is all, but it better be a good cup. Some of the finest beans available in the Toronto area are from Dark City Coffee. They've been our dealer, I mean supplier, for a couple of years now. Superior quality and great prices. Tell David we sent ya!

Henry of Pelham Winery
One of the best wineries in Canada. Check it out when you're in Niagara. Not far from Shorthills Provincial Park (a nice place to ride).

Stephen Beaumont's World of Beer
Everything you need to know about Canadian and International Beer by the most knowledgeable person in North America.

Creemore Springs Brewery
One of the many beers we, and many other cyclists enjoy. They've also got one of the best set of links we've ever seen to more beer sites.

Glenora Distillery
In our travels in 1998 we came across this gorgeous place in Cape Breton Island. Glenora Distillery, besides having a fantastic pub/restaurant and wonderful rooms and cabins, it has the distinction of being the first true and proper Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery in North America. Oh sorry, can't say that because the Scottish wankers get all upset. Make that the "first true and proper Scotch-style whisky distillery in North America." It's single malt and its a Canadian Whisky. Look for their amazing Glen Breton Rare Single Malt Whisky at the LCBO rather than sending any of your hard earned money across the pond to the protectionist cretins who think they're the only ones who can make whisky.

Epicure - The Gourmet Store
We would never smoke a cigar every single day, but for a once and a while treat they're very enjoyable. Rather than smoking often, smoke well. Our mountain bike acquaintance Mike has this wonderful cigar store in Mississauga, or you can buy cigars on line. Good prices and guaranteed quality. Plus now you can buy all sorts of neat cooking products (tools, knives, etc.), wine accessories (stemware, wine cellars).

Mountain Bike Manufacturers & Retailers

Winterborne Bicycle Institute
Jay is a former student of mine from years gone by. He has opened up a business in Guelph teaching people how to work on bikes. He even offers certification for bike mechanics.

Skiis & Biikes
Really nice store in Mississauga on Dundas near 427. Ask for Marc. We've known him for about 30 years.

Trek Toronto Bicycle Store
Really nice store in downtown Toronto on Yonge Street. Say hi to Ralph and Barry when you're in there

Ecclestone Cycle
Really nice store in downtown Bracebridge.

Outdoor Stuff!

Environment Canada
This site from the federal government supplies up to date weather forecasts for the whole country. Just find the listed community near where you're going to ride and get a report. Very useful. Important stuff like sunrise/sunset, length of day too.

The Weather Network
Okay, you want to do that epic ride, but you're just not sure about the weather. Go to this site and just keep clicking around until you get close to where you're going to ride. We've been really pleased with the accuracy of their forecasts.

Welcome to Ontario Parks
The title pretty much says it all.

Strange Stuff!

The Darwin Awards
Dedicated to interesting ways in which people manage to remove themselves from the gene pool. What's even stranger is that it's all true.

Aardman Animations
Really silly shockwave animations along with Wallace and Grommit downloads. Great fun.
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