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I'm still riding a lot and enjoying it immensely. Even a small crash hasn't dampened my enthusiasm. First crash in about 4000km so I guess I was due. Pilot error, pure and simple.

I had another great rail trail ride on October 2nd. This time with old friends and new friends from Ancaster to Brantford and then down to Port Dover. It was an easy ride but that is okay. Great to see lots of people out enjoying the trails. In the past I was somewhat down on rail trails. I will always prefer a single track ride but the rail trails do give a wide variety of cyclists a chance to get out there and off of the roads.

The other note for October 2021 is that I'm going to turn 65. I guess that is a milestone but it seems to me to be somewhat arbitrary. I don't feel a whole lot different than I did 5 years ago. Perhaps I feel better because I have the chance to exercise more. My only birthday wish is more time. I like how this is going.


Magnetawan ride, on a long semi-abandoned pioneer road called "Plum Tree Road". Real wilderness.
20 minute video on YouTube


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