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It would seem that despite intentions I missed doing any sort of update in August. It was for the simple reason that I wasn't home much. Holidays at cottages and then big holidays up at Lake Superior in mid-August. Bikes only figured prominently in one of those. Lake Superior north coast is the place for hiking so we did that.

We had one great rail trail ride in July from Brantford down to Simcoe and back in the same day. A lengthy ride in the heat but a good day overall. The neatest place we visited was the small town of Waterford. A spectacular old rail bridge is open for pedestrians and cyclists which offers a great view. Also the old gravel pits have been filled in with water to make a great series of lakes. More exploring is warranted.

I also did a bunch of riding in the Magnetawan area while cottaging. I managed to pull off a ride of over 100km with 1200m of climbing. That is the longest ride I've done on a MTB in a long time. I can do a ride like that and yet I still have trouble sitting for long periods of time in a regular chair thanks to a troublesome hip. The hip needs help, the riding is good.


Magnetawan ride, on a long semi-abandoned pioneer road called "Plum Tree Road". Real wilderness.
20 minute video on YouTube


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