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Here's to looking forward to another great riding year. 2022 was excellent for me. Lots and lots of riding, more than ever. Bunch of 100+km rides too.

I don't really have any lofty goals for 2023 as yet. I'd like to do another bike packing trip. That was an excellent time. More rides at dawn. Looking back at 2022 those early morning rides were special, especially in forested areas.

I'd also like to ride my road bike more. But that comes with a condition, namely my hands. The last ride on the fat bike was Dec 11th. A few days later yet another hand surgery. I'm strictly on the spin bike for the next while. Traditionally the road bike hurts my hands. We will see if this overdue surgery helps my right hand. Another surgery looms on my left hand late next year. I'm planning on tinkering with the fit and the handlebars on the road bike to see if I can come up with something that doesn't hurt my hands as much. At the moment though it is a future to dream about.
Soon. Soon.
Hope to see you on the trails!


Magnetawan ride, on a long semi-abandoned pioneer road called "Plum Tree Road". Real wilderness.
20 minute video on YouTube


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