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It was strange for both riding and weather and of course those sometimes can't be separated.
Huge amounts of heat, rain, colder temps and everything in between. Clothing choice was all over the map. And yet I think I rode more than any month I've done, so that was good.

One thing that is certain is that if you ride down near Lake Ontario you get much cooler temperatures. On the day of the ride with the pic to the left it was 7C cooler by the lake. Knowing that I wasn't going to be riding much in the way of trails I rode my 1990's retro bike with semi-slick tires.

Yes, the frame is that big. 1994 Asama made of True Temper steel. It still rides great. Only thing non-vintage is a carbon front fork. Fast but twitchy ride due to the steep head angle. The ceramic side walls on the Mavic CrossMax wheels stop very well. 8 speed thumbshifters do a great job too. I'll take it out again when conditions mean a lakefront ride.


Another Magnetawan ride, this time on a long semi-abonadoned pioneer road called "Plum Tree Road". Real wilderness. Originally a private video I've reworked a bit to make it public.
20 minute video on YouTube


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